2 Week Checklist

martian 20/12/2018

At 2 weeks out we are all starting to feel the pressure somewhat when it comes to moving from one place to the next. Most of the nitty gritty has been more or less finalised. At 2 weeks we are finally in the home stretch with a new abode on the horizon. So what are the next steps?


Step 1: Start packing non-essential items. What the heck is a non-essential item? Well, we are talking about things like books, out of season clothing, your Elvis collection, ornaments decor pieces. Essentially anything you don’t need to survive for the next two weeks.


Step 2: Your Pantry… start using up any frozen foods or things that are in any way perishable to avoid wastage. It also helps to lighten the load on moving day.


Step 3: Remember to let your milkman and newsagent know when you want their deliveries to stop. It’s a good idea to run through all your subscriptions, spring clean those as well for things you no longer want or need.


Step 4: Get your post redirected. The Royal Mail is particularly helpful, in fact you have three options when applying to get your mail redirected. You can use their website (probably the least trouble), you may apply at your local post office or you may apply mail (rather ironically). There is a fee due for this service. You can have your mail redirected to any UK or overseas address for 3, 6 and 12 months. The Royal Mail send you a reminder when it is about to expire.


Step 5:  Send out change of address cards to family or friends. Now is a great time to get the kids (if you have them) involved in making cards for your nearest and dearest. Sending out a mass email is also quite efficient. This is the perfect opportunity to hint at a future house warming to introduce family and friends to your new home. Unless of course they are helping you with the move itself.


Step 6: Finalise your arrangements with your removal company if you are using one.


Step 7: It is important to notify your bank of any changes to your address, direct debits and standing orders.


Step 8: Begin the deep cleaning process. Organise cleaning supplies, effect repairs if required. It is a simple thing to organise either professional cleaners or even rent the appliances required to clean carpets and steam clean bathrooms.


Follow these steps to ensure a less-stressful moving home experience.

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